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The Aurora Newspaper

1. Be sure to include your name, email, telephone number.
2. E
mail the editor directly at auroraeditor@ns.aliantzinc.ca.
3. Attach photos as single jpegs, largest size possible.

Editorial deadline for The Aurora Newspaper is noon Wednesday.

All editorial submissions are subject to editing by the managing editor, based upon Canadian Press guidelines, available space, timelines and interest. The 14 Wing public affairs officer will also be consulted as needed.

Please ensure copy is typed in proper upper and lower case style.

French articles must include accents.

Do not use acronyms. Please spell it out for the benefit of all readers. This includes all ranks and job positions.


The Aurora Newspaper is published each Monday by 14 Wing Greenwood, under the authority of the 14 Wing Commander.

Managing editor - 902-765-1494 local 5441

Wing public affairs officer - 902-765-1494 local 5101

Graphic Designer - 902-765-1494 local 5699

Advertising & Marketing - 902-765-1494 local 5833

Finance/ newspaper clerk - 902-765-1494 local 5440

FAX 902-765-1717